Dual Remote UVC/UVV Systems

The PureAiRx Dual Remote model PUR-7-50-DR is a whole house air purification system that installs directly into the central heating and cooling system ductwork or plenum. The PUR-7-50-DR includes a 50 Watt power supply and is available with either a 12” or 16” germicidal UVC lamp.
With ultraviolet light, microwatts translate to effectiveness. The PUR-7-50-DR with 16” lamp produces a very high output of 180 microwatts which is significantly higher than many other UVC lamps. The high intensity Dual-Radiant™ UVC “H” Lamp disinfects the air by neutralizing airborne pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and mold. According to the EPA, the combined use of filtration and germicidal UVC light is an effective means of preventing the distribution of airborne viruses and pathogens in occupied spaces.
For maximum effectiveness, the PUR-7-50-DR includes one high output UVC lamp for the supply side and a UVV oxidation unit for the return side of the HVAC system.
An upgradable system (PUR-7-50-PS) is available with power supply and one remote UVC lamp to allow for the installation of one remote UVC lamp at one time, and the addition of a UVV oxidizing unit at a later time if it becomes necessary in order to address stubborn odors.
Offset mounting plates and magnetic Z brackets are shipped with each UVC lamp to facilitate easy installation in a variety of applications.
• Installs in minutes without costly ductwork modifications
• Requires minimal space to mount
• Suitable for up to a 10 ton Air Handling Unit
• 8’ power cord
• Offset mounting plate for UVC lamps in duct board plenums
• Z Bracket with powerful magnet (80 lbs of pull force) for in-duct mounting
• Available with 16” or 12” Lamps
• Lamp Reflector Kit(s)
• L Bracket with magnet UVV in-duct mounting
• Low static pressure drop lets blower run efficiently

• UVC ultraviolet light alters the DNA of living microbes to prevent their reproduction

• 18000 hour UV-C lamp requires replacing only once every two years.
• LED indicator light on power supply lets you know the system is working

• Limited Lifetime warranty on all electronic components.
• Lamps are warranted against defects for two (2) years